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Sunday, April 8, 2012

Plasma NM

Well, I still have not fixed the infamous "networkmanagement's kded module crashes when opening kwallet" bug I mentioned in the last release. The main reason for this release is to fix the translations that were being taken from master branch instead of nm09 branch.

Plasma NM
SHA256Sum: ed5aaff8ed7d52f2541eca27f5bf15792cd97f8e7f8014c0fe9ab8e73f2cab2f

Kubuntu packages:

OpenSuse Packages:


. fix translations.
297309: Return Gsm and Cdma providers lists case-insensitively sorted in Mobile Connection Wizard.
296740: Do not send the interfaceRemoved signal if NM stopped or crashed. If it has crashed we can crash too if we send the interfaceRemoved signal here.
. Check if libnm-util and libnm-glib are installed before compiling.
. Also import/export routes when importing/exporting VPN connections.
292477: Add to kcm module, in "Other" tab, option to select if Plasma NM should ask for GSM Pin on modem detection or when activating a gsm connection. The last one is what most users want but some modems do not work with this mode.

The following languages have more than 80% of strings translated:

ca cs da de el es et hu it km lt nb nds nl pl pt pt_BR sk sv uk zh_TW

OBS: the number of translated languages is lower now because the translations now come from nm09 branch instead of master branch.


Denis said...

Just a small question do you think that the bug "networkmanagement's kded module crashes when opening kwallet" can be related to a problem I have with Arch (so it means latest packages):
when I try to connect to a wifi Kwallet keep asking me for my kwallet password and then I am asked to enter my wifi password again. This goes on and on without being connected.
I know this is not where I should report a bug but if these two are the same, I don't need to report it.

Anyway thank you for your amazing work, I'm a huge fan ;).

Unknown said...

@Denis, does Arch enables KSecretService in kderuntime? If so, ask them to disable it since KScretService is alpha code and I have heard it can cause this kind of problem. There is a bug entry for the bug but I could not find it.

Thanks for the support :-)

Denis said...

@Lamarque, thank you for you reply. I havn't asked yet, but I will as soon as I find who to ask this question.
There is a kdeutils-ksecrets package in the Arch repository:
Does that means that KSecretService is enabled?

Unknown said...

If that package is installed any programa that access the dbus interface org.freedesktop.secrets will launch kscretservice. No KDE program uses ksecretservice yet, but it is used by gnome programs. You can check if it is already running using:

ps auxw | grep ksecretsserviced

Denis said...

I checked and ksecretsserviced is indeed running. Is it enough if I disable it? (I don't know where but I guess in the deamon configuration of KDE)
Thank you!

Denis said...

Sorry I meant the Service Manager in KDE.

Unknown said...

You can uninstall it if it is a separated package, no KDE program uses it yet.

Anonymous said...

Hi Lamarque,

First of all, thanks a lot for your work!

I'm having an issue with plasma-widget-networkmanagement in kubuntu, I cannot configure openconnect vpn connections. This is due to an ubuntu policy, in which packages in main (plasma-widget-networkmanagement) cannot depend on packages in universe/multiverse (openconnect). You can see comment #9 in

It seems there could be a solution for this (please see comment #10 in

Do you think it could be feasible?

I would very much appreciate it, as right now I have to use anyconnect from cisco because of this issue.

Thanks a lot in advance!

Unknown said...

No. Openconnect is a compile time dependency (we need openconnect.h to
compile the plugin and link against openconnect's libraries). The other VPN
plugins do not include compile time dependencies so they can be compiled
without problems.The suggestion in comment #10 would back fire on us some day
with users complaining about Plasma NM failing to build and I would be the one
to fix the problem, so no, sorry.

> I would very much appreciate it, as right now I have to use anyconnect from
> cisco because of this issue.

Sorry but this is a packing issue and I will not risk causing troubles
for all other Plasma NM's users because Kubuntu's policy.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, I understand the problem. I'll update the info in that bug so k-ubuntu maintainers are aware of it...