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Sunday, October 7, 2012

upower & hibernation & swap

I have just found out that upower mark hibernation as not possible when there is no swap space available. Well, although most suspend to disk (hibernation) implementations use swap space to store the RAM image TuxOnIce is able to store the image in a dedicated file, which is not a swap space. This week I upgraded my notebook from 4 GB to 8 GB of RAM to compile webkit (one of my work for basysKom from now on :-)). 4 GB used to be enough for almost all my needs, only when I boot up a machine my notebook started to use part of the 2 GB of swap file I set up. Now with 8 GB I really do not need a swap file anymore (not even when compiling webkit), so I decided to remove my swap file and consequently upower disabled hibernation :-( As far as I could figure out there is no option in upower for force hibernation to be enable, so I created a patch to disable the swap check :-) If anyone has this same problem you can try my patch (or create something more sofisticated to  add an option to disable the swap check in upower).