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Why Donate?

I do software development for the KDE community for free. For sure software development is not easy and is time consuming, so any help you can give me is appreciated. My current employer does not use KDE software, so it does not pay me to work in KDE, which I do in my spare time.

My main work for the KDE community is in Plasma Network Management program (Plasma NM). I also sometimes do bugfixing in kdelibs, kded's networkstatus module, Kopete, Bluedevil and Powerdevil.

Plasma Network Management is the KDE software to manage network connections:

Plasma NM's plasmoid main window

Plasma NM's Mobile Connection Wizard

Some of the work I have done for Plasma NM includes:

. implemet support for ap master mode for wifi shared connections.
. improve graphical interface (bugfixing and adding new features).
. implement ModemManager support to retrieve mobile broadband info (operator name, signal quality, access technology, etc).
. implement Mobile Connection Wizard for easy mobile broadband connection creation.
. add support for bluetooth devices.
. help to implement NetworkManager 0.9 support.
. review and apply patches supplied by others.
. write (informal) documenation about Plasma NM and NetworkManager in this blog.
. help users to configure manage connections.
. fix crashes.

If you like my work please help me keep working for KDE. Any donation counts a lot.

Update: currently I am working for the German company basysKom, one of the companies helping to develop Plasma Active. At least now I can work full time for KDE :-) However, Plasma NM is not used in Plasma Active yet, only recently it was added to the development image based on Mer (the Meego's successor). The stable Plasma Active One and Two images are based on Meego, which uses connman instead of NM. So although I now work with KDE technology my work at basysKom is not related to Plasma NM so now I spend less time working on Plasma NM than before I joined basysKom. I usually work on Plasma NM only during weekends now.

Update (February 2013): Plasma Active 3 uses Plasma NM now, but basysKom reassigned me to work with WebKit.

I still need support to continue the work on Plasma NM, specially patches and help from other developers. I could spend more time on Plasma NM if I received more donations, that way I could make up for the money I would lose for spending less time working on Plasma Active.

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Anonymous said...

Please update your Why donate page, according to your current employer allows you to work on KDE:

At last a job to work with KDE :-)