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Sunday, June 5, 2016

LaKademy 2016

This year we celebrated the fourth LaKademy conference and for my luck it happened in the city I live in, Rio de Janeiro :-) The reason for that is because I have not had much time for contributing to KDE as I used to have. The fact that the event happened in Rio saved me a lot o time and sure I wouldn't miss it for nothing hehe.

The event lasted three and half days (the last day was an Sunday) and was also an opportunity to meet old friends like Tomaz:

and new friends like Fernando:

I have been talking to Fernando through Internet for almost one year and have never had the chance to meet him in person, though we live in the same city hehe. Hopefully, he will become one more contributor to KDE :-)

One of the things I did during the event was helping Lays developing the new QML user interface for brprint3d and giving some tips for her GSoC work in Umbrello:

And having fun :-)

Besides helping Lays, I also helped Ronny to investigate and fix a bug in this QML game and did some bug triage for Plasma NM and Solid. The end result was some old bugs closed and this patch to Qt Declarative to fix a crash that affects Plasma NM.

Actually, the crash is an assert being triggered in QList while VDMModelDelegateDataType::notify() iterates through a QList of QQmlDelegateModelItem pointers. Somehow the list size shrinks inside the loop and the index-out-of-range assert is triggered. While investigating the bug I noticed that QQmlDelegateModel::_q_itemsRemoved() iterated through the same list but did not trigger the assert. Looking into its source code there is this comment above a couple of lines of code:

// layout change triggered by removal of a previous item might have
// already invalidated this item in d->m_cache and deleted it

Applying the same code to VDMModelDelegateDataType::notify() prevents the assert being triggered. I submitted a review request for Qt Declarative 5.6 with my patch and I am waiting for the comments about it.

It was great to meet my KDE fellows, old and new faces, during this LaKademy. Hope to see them again during Akademy in September.