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Friday, March 6, 2015

Plasma NM

Plasma NM

SHA256Sum: 27b4a383972dcbb25eb254dcfe6b71ccb05ca0418590eb57ddc20c0b7bcac8eb

This is the last Plasma NM 0.9.0.x release, it is officially retired and unmaintained from now on. If you have not moved to Plasma NM 0.9.3.x please do it.


. Fixes OpenConnect NEWGROUP handling and build against OpenConnect > 7.0.
341387: OpenVPN: Add option for server certificate verification.
334246: Import/export 'redirect-gateway' option from openvpn configuration files.
282996: aborts connection editing once we find an error.

The following languages have more than 80% of strings translated:

bs ca ca@valencia cs da de el en_GB es et fi fr gl hu ia it kk km ko lt nb nds nl pl pt pt_BR ro ru sk sl sr sr@ijekavian sr@ijekavianlatin sr@latin sv tr uk zh_CN zh_TW

Also read some very usefull information about how to use and avoid problems when using Plasma NM in my past posts page.