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Monday, May 7, 2012

Plasma NM

Finally a (tentative) fix for the infamous "networkmanagement's kded module crashes when opening kwallet".

Plasma NM
SHA256Sum: 9b73b5bef72d010742f2e07ccb46a9c998e575e63fc77900128a9d1c316306f7

Kubuntu package:


299205: Fix hidden wireless network creation.
298895: Do not send empty service field to NetworkManager or it will not create DSL/PPPOE connections.
283105: Remove stale secret requests to prevent crashes.
295545: Fix sorting by "last used" column and make sortings case insensitive in the kcm.

The following languages have more than 80% of strings translated:

ca cs da de el es et fi hu it km lt nb nds nl pl pt pt_BR sk sv uk zh_TW

Also read some usefull information about Plasma NM in my past posts.

Saturday, May 5, 2012

LaKademy / FLISOL

During LaKademy last week the attendees of the event also went to FLISOL/POA to talk about what is happening in KDE. The talk was short, just 20 minutes, but it gaves us some insight of what some our users think about KDE software. We heard the usual complaints about the 4 series using more memory and being more unstable then the 3.5 series. Well, I have not asked which version the attendees use (no time for that), but I guess the 4.8 series is very stable for me (specially now that Alex Fiestas fixed this crash that was bugging me). Regarding the memory usage I think that depends on several factors, for example, I have two notebooks, one with a AMD Turion64 processor and the other with Intel Core i7. Both running Gentoo with packages compiled for each processor and for some reason the Intel one has a higher memory usage (in the order of 200 MB difference, most of that different in plasma-desktop process). I still have not had the chance to deeply investigate why that difference. Maybe some optimizations used to compile the software have something to do with that or it is just the memory type (the Turion64 uses DDR1 and the Intel DDR3).

Turning back to LaKademy, the most important thing I did there was helping my GSoC student on the details of how to integrate the C++ and QML parts of the new QML plasmoid for Plasma NM. I think he did good progress during the event. Read his blog for some details about that. We also did a promo section to discuss action to spread the KDE community, make KDE more visible to non-tech computer users and improve the Brazilian KDE website and/or create a Latin-america website.

Well, since I was not on vacation I also worked on Plasma Active stuff for basysKom. I worked on fixing one issue between Plasma Media Center and the metadata model in plasma-mobile repo, fixing some issues in the "Add Items" button on PA's home screen, making the new activity and Password dialogs comply to PA's HIG, improving the new busy indicator in all search fields used in PA, answered some questions about PA usage on PA's forum and, and pushed a patch to kdelibs KDE/4.8 branch to add cmake support to kdeclarative configuration. After LaKademy I pushed the changes to kde-workspace master to use the new kdeclarative cmake configuration, so git pull kdelibs if you find any compilation error related to kdeclarative library :-P Next repos to convert are kde-runtime and plasma-mobile, stay tuned. I also helped some of the attendees with questions regarding QML development, KDE configuration settings and Plasma Active itself.