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Saturday, April 28, 2012

First day of LaKademy

Hello all, I am writing from Porto Alegre city (AKA POA). There is no directly fly to POA, so I yesterday want to São Paulo city (AKA Sampa) to take the next flight to my final destination. Because of the bad weather here in POA I had to wait three hours in Sampa to take the flight. I must say I am really disappointed by the mobile broadband connection of my cell phone provider (TIM) in Guarulhos airport. I couldn't connect once in 3G mode. I was able to connect in Edge anytime but it was terrible (15s ping 20-40% packet loss until it just did not pass any packet at all and I had to reset the connection). I just gave up trying to access the Internet after some time.

I have got to the hostel today at 01:15 am. Nice place, the building was reformed some weeks ago, so it looks like new. My first activities after here was get to know the new faces and meet my friends. Ah, there is
my GSoC pupil too :-) We talked about his GSoC, discussed the details of the next implementations he should do. He will talk more about that in his own blog post.

Fortunately, Porto Alegre is not that cold (yet), during the day it is just chilly. One the things I like in this city is that the food is usually cheap compared to other capital cities in Brazil :-) Unfortunately the beer is more expensive :-/ Overall, it has been a pleasure to meet the other KDE guys from Latin America. I will stop from here because we got go to FLISOL/Porto Alegre, bye.

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