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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Plasma NM on Plasma Active Mer image

Those who follow Plasma Active development probably already know that we are working on shipping Plasma NM in PA Mer installation images. It is still not shipped now but who wants to test Plasma NM on our Mer x86 images can do the following:
  • zypper install plasmoid-networkmanagement
  • run: systemctl disable connman.service ofono.service; systemctl enable NetworkManager.service
  • edit ~mer/.kde/share/config/plasma-device-appletsrc and change to org.kde.networkmanagement
  • edit /usr/bin/startactive and pre-pend the last command with "ck-launch-session". It should look like this: "ck-launch-session startactive.bin". This step is not necessary in images newer than April 18th.
  • reboot the device

This is how it looks like in my VirtualBox installation (no wireless for now, I am waiting for the USB wifi card I bought to arrive to start testing wifi in VirtualBox):

OBS1: NetworkManager does not compile against our Meego environment, so it cannot be installed in PA2.
OBS2: Plasma NM works on Arm but to edit/create/delete connections you need a special polkit package that is not available in the repository yet. So for now use these instructions only on x86.
OBS3: I know, it is not that touchscreen-friendly. I hope that changes after the GSoC project to create a QML version of Plasma NM is accepted and finished.

I will add those instructions to Plasma Active's wiki page as well.


Martin Gräßlin said...

is there anything special to do to get the package? If I try installing plasma-networkmanagement zypper tells me it does not exist. Tried with the latest mer-devel image installed today after reading your blog post.

Lamarque said...

Oops, my fault. The package name is plasmoid-networkmanagement not plasma-networkmanagement. The latter is the official name but it seems people tend to give different names to Plasma NM.

Anonymous said...

Plasma NM runs NetworkManager or Connman in the backend?

Lamarque said...


Martin Gräßlin said...

NetworkManager works now and I finally get automatic ethernet connections. But I cannot enable wireless. The checkbox is not set and tapping it does not enable it.

Any ideas?

Lamarque said...

Probably wifi is disabled some how (maybe by rkill). What does the command below return:

cat $(find /sys/ -name "rfkill*" | grep phy)/state

1 means enabled and 2 disabled. In the latter case you can run this to enable wifi:

echo 1 > $(find /sys/ -name "rfkill*" | grep phy)/state

as long as there is no hardware button to disable wifi the command above should work. If there is one then you should firstly enable wifi by hardware and then using rfkill.

Martin Gräßlin said...

The command returns "0". Btw I'm trying on an ExoPC.

Lamarque said...

0 means software blocked, you need to write 1 to rfkill state.