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Monday, February 27, 2012

Plasma NM 0.9.0

Well, I would like to have fixed bug "networkmanagement's kded module crashes when opening kwallet" before this release but I have not been able to reproduce it, so I have not figure out how to fix it. I am doing this release basically to push the changes to make Plasma NM resilient to problems when contacting kded, which is the cause of "desktop freezes" bug.

Since I do not have more release candidate numbers left after rc4 I had to use 0.9.0, so here it goes:

Plasma NM 0.9.0
MD5Sum: e39fbc01166c8019104a03c03af890e4
SHA1Sum: ed5aaff8ed7d52f2541eca27f5bf15792cd97f8e7f8014c0fe9ab8e73f2cab2f

Kubuntu packages:


294777: Fix "Last Used label resets to Never after a minute".
. Use preferences-system-network as KCM icon.
. Enable/Disable OK button when prompting user for secretes, and fix WEP key validator.
293711: Add about data for kcm modules.
293691: Use localized provider's name and plan in Mobile Connection Wizard.
293045: Mark GSM password as NotRequired if it is empty.
. Add warning messages to debug possible dangling pointer.
209464: Fix wifi hidden network support.
293068: Allow creating cdma connections when no cdma device is plugged.
. Don’t show GSM Access technology in tray icon while connecting as it obscures the connecting progress bar.
290964: Fix and workaround graphical artifacts caused by upgrading to KDE SC 4.8.0.
287002, 282022, 286424: Use asynchronous DBus API in plasmoid and kded module communication.

The following languages have more than 80% of strings translated:

ar ca ca@valencia cs da de el es et hr hu it km lt nb nds nl pa pl pt pt_BR ru sk sv uk zh_CN zh_TW


Anonymous said...

Thx for the release ;). And why in unstable dir on ftp?

Lamarque said...

@johu, read the first paragraph in the release announcement.

Anonymous said...

Why wasn't is possible to call it "rc5", if it's an RC and not a stable release?

Lamarque said...

There is no rc5 in KDE numbering scheme. rc4 = x.y.99 and we do not use more than two digits. Anyway, that's just a version number, there will be a :-)

gianted said...

Sometimes ago I followed your instructions to install Version 0.9.0_rc3 (nm09 20111209).

How can I update my build to obtain your latest release?

If this hints are already written, can you suggest where I can find them?

Thank you for your great work.


Lamarque said...

@gianted, if you cloned the repository using git when you compiled Plasma NM for the first time then now you just need to run "git pull; make; make install" inside the networkmangement directory.

If you did not use git to clone (download) the source code then I suggest that you use git. As you can see above it is pretty easy to get the new changes through git and recompile Plasma NM.

The instructions to clone the repository using git in here if you have not done it yet.