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Sunday, February 26, 2012

QML'izing Plasma NM

Some weeks ago another guy from Brazil (I am also from Brazil) contact me interested in me mentoring him in GSoc. His name is Arthur de Souza Ribeiro and since Alex Fiestas had already asked me to mentor someone to implement a nicer QML plasmoid for Plasma NM I accepted the task :-) I also already wanted to try QML in Plasma NM but changing Plasma NM GUI and fixing all the other problems not related to the GUI is not being easy without help. Since Ilia Kats is also busy with his Ph.D. in biology I am a little lonely doing the Plasma NM stuff. From time to time I still receive usefull patches, so it is not completely lonely :-)

I already added my GSoc proposal to the ideas page and subscribed to, now is wait and see if the proposal will be accepted or not. Meanwhile I already passed some material for Arthur to study and pushed a commit to add a #ifdef to show a QML view instead of the current popup.

Just to make it clear: the plasmoid is the system tray icon, what you see when clicking on the system tray icon is just the plasmoid's popup. What my #ifdef does is make the plasmoid (the system tray icon) show a QML view instead of the current QGraphisWidget popup. The current QML view just shows my name :-)

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