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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Plasma NM 0.8.99 (AKA 0.9.0_rc4)

It has been almost two months since the last release so I think it is time to release Plasma NM 0.8.99 (AKA 0.9.0_rc4). By the way this is my 100th post in my blog :-)

MD5Sum: 0b432b74b3b0a8fc16d553d4cfc0076c
SHA1Sum: 18d625a25b90f9591a5cfdabcf77269eb3ba33e0


291786: Do not use null pointer when updating WirelessInterfaceItem.
291798: Show APN string for the APN seleted by the user in Mobile Connection Wizard.
291122: Hide non-Internet APNs in Mobile Connection Wizard.
. Fix security type identification for wifi shared connections.
290715: fix certificate and key filenames with non-ASCII characters.
290684: fix crash when restarting NetworkManager.
. Small translation string changes.
. Add some checks to prevent crashes.
. Do not crash if no security type has been detected.
289856: Small increase in the height of connection items.
. Fix password flags handling.
289812: support WPA ad-hoc wifi connections. Also allows to create WPA shared wifi connections.
289072: Ask for secrets only once per connection attempt.
. Fix some spelling errors and add some more messages in main CMakeLists.txt.
. Abort cmake if no suitable NetworkManager headers are found.
288831: Fix WPA2 configuration dialog.
. Remove some unneeded files and code.
287794: Change mobile broadband (wwan) checkbox into a tristate checkbox.
285637: Change networkmanagement_configshell to inform errors through dialogs instead of console messages. That is important to make bluetooth tethering errors visible when using Bluedevil to launch networkmanagement_configshell.
. Try not to crash if NM does not respond to the AddConnection call.
287757: Fix crash when no NetworkManager backend is found.
268021: Disable connected notification by default since VPN connections can now use system tray icon to indicate connection's activation state.
287002: Caches deviceUni and activatableType in RemoteActivatable class to prevent dbus calls from freezing the desktop.

The following languages have more than 80% of strings translated:

ar ca ca@valencia cs da de el es et hr hu it km lt nb nds nl pa pl pt pt_BR ro ru sv uk zh_TW


Tom said...

Great work! Thanks a lot.

One question: Will this finally make reconnecting to the last used WLAN really fast after suspend/resume. Like 2-3 seconds?

Anonymous said...

thanks for your work. I now finally replaced nm-applet and use your nm-0.9-branch.

One thing maybe a bug: when I show only "less" wifi networks, then click on one for the details, all others are shown again. makes no sense in my opinion.

Jos Poortvliet said...

congrats on making a hundred posts :D

And thanks for your work on NM, I'm an extremely happy user! Recently got a 'random' mobile internet stick. Took me 2 hours to get it working - the problem turned out to be that I had put the SIM card upside down in and the error message is less than helpful... Without that PEBKAC it takes almost no time - just works. Awesome awesome awesome :D

Jos Poortvliet said...

@Tom I believe that's fixed in the latest NM, at least - it's bloody fast here...

Anonymous said...

Have you seen this bug report: ?

Lamarque said...

@Tom, reconnections depends on NetworkManager, not Plasma NM. If your connection is marked as auto-connect NetworkManager 0.9 manages it (connect, reconnect) with Plasma NM even not running.

@Anonymous, that window is called "Interface details" because it show details for the network interface, not only for the connection. It makes sense to me to show all details about the interface then, that includes listing all connections that can be activated using that network interface.

@Jos Poortvliet, thanks Jos. It's nice to see people happy when using Plasma NM but no, I will not make Plasma NM looks like nm-applet. I feel really confused when using nm-applet, it mixes network interfaces with connections. They are two different things and most of the time you do not need to deal with network interfaces, just with connections. I think having separated lists makes the connection list less cluttered.

Well, I think the error message that appears when wrongly inserting the sim card comes from NetworkManager itself. In fact, several error messages comes from NetworkManager now. That is also the reason they are not localized too.

@Anonymous, no I have not and I will say again what I said in the "Panel freeze" bug: there must be a problem in dbus itself or sometime related to it. It is not normal dbus reaching the timeout (it seems it is 20s) when delivering a message that should reach the destination in less than 100ms.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for all your hard work to make nm workable.
Right now I try to setup an openvpn connection via nm and it seems to be a whole mess - not GUI-wise but in the core! Could it be that nm-core does not support standard config files but only a small subset of openvpn parameters?



Lamarque said...

@Anonymous, what is the problem exactly? The openvpn dialog supports a lot of options. Which one does not work?

Anonymous said...


I do not use the latest nm + plasma-widget-networkmanagement:


network-manager-openvpn 0.9.0-0ubuntu1

plasma-widget-networkmanagement 0.9~svngit.nm09.20111023.ff842e-0ubuntu1~oneiric1~ppa1

openvpn server moans about wrong settings:

tun-mtu 1500
fragment 1300

But for me the way nm handles openvpn connection settings looks complete wrong.

In practice the user gets from his admin a ca-file, a cert, a key and a ovpn config file.

Every OpenVPN GUI on other systems I know let you import these files and you can choose one of the config files and start, stop or restart the openvpn service.

For the GUI program the task is dead simple: Put everything into one folder and start openvpn as admin with a named config file or kill the process.

The way nm tries to aggregate some of the tons of openvpn config options into a nice GUI is wrong as no user should know anything about the server settings. If there a problems the user gets a new config from the admin.

Do you think there are hope for such a simple openvpn handling in your nice GUI so I may send a wishlist to b.k.o. or is this a WONTFIX? :-)



Lamarque said...

@Anonymous, since I already have a lot of other things to implement/fix/improve I will not work on your suggestion for a long time. There other suggested I have received that I also do not have time to implement. You can add a bug report and when I have more time I can take a look at it, but that is probably not going to happen this year.

Anonymous said...


...just a short feedback: Now I'm using 0.9.0_rc4 and it rocks. You added the missing vpn options that I need. Now I can connect to vpn via nm GUI.

4.8 is a good relase!

Thanks to you and the rest of the team :-)

Lamarque said...

Good to know that there are happy users of Plasma NM :-)