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Saturday, November 26, 2011

Plasma NM 0.8.98

Plasma NM 0.8.98 (AKA 0.9.0_rc3) is now available.

MD5Sum: e730805567a771506cb18c0a825738ef
SHA1Sum: f46274c4cca722f37eef7418144c0c04bfe21e24


286855: Refuses to create VPNC connections without user or group info since vpnc-0.5.3 refuses to connect without them.
287531: Add some checks to prevent crash when PolicyKit denies connection editing.
287076: Report error message on VPN activation failure.
285637: Fix icons for bluetooth interface item and system tray (when the bluetooth interface is the default interface).
286424: Try to prevent gsm connection access technology change from freezing plasma-desktop for a few seconds.
285637: Fix creation of NAP/PAN bluetooth connections.
286856: Show user and group names in vpnc authentication dialog.
283204: Set Bluetooth DUN's passwords as AgentOwned by default.
286666: Do not reset username and password fields when changing Dynamic WEP's authentication method.
. Always asks secrets from user if NM requested new secrets.
286243: prevent crash when resuming from RAM.
283241: fix random crash.
. Add check for minimum openconnect version required (3.03).

The following languages have more than 80% of the strings translated:

ca cs da de el hr it lt nb nds nl pt pt_BR ro ru sv uk zh_CN zh_TW


BajK said...

I was just wondering for your UI redesign, will you also port the plasmoid to QML or will you do this at all? I don’t know anything about QML but it would still be possible to "just" take advantage of QML and the new Plasma stuff for the UI while leaving the underlying code managing the connections (communicating with NM) the same?

Unknown said...

@BajK, I redesigned Plasma Desktop's shutdown dialog in QML because of a new job. Well, my experience with QML during this work is that it still lacks some features I would like to use, like icon on buttons, align text to the right on label (the text, not the component).

Besides, several libplasma1 components, which are based on the same classes Plasma NM currently uses, are deprecated for libplasma2. There is no point in porting it using the current components since they are going to vanish in the future (maybe even in 4.8, I am not sure).

Porting to QML is not only UI redesign, we will have to create dataengines to talk to the kded module. It's a huge task and since I am working alone in Plasma NM for a couple of months now I do not want to take a task I cannot finish.

For the redesign I proposed during last Solid Sprint I plan to commit then this year, after I finish to fix some Krazy2 errors.

wodim said...

I have a question. Let's say the wireless network (WPA-PSK) you're connected to refuses your credentials.

After several connection attempts, the plasma applet will give up and show a "Insert your password" dialog. I assume it does so because it thinks your password is not valid anymore (i.e. it was changed on the router).

My question is: how do I make it so the plasma applet tries to connect forever without asking for the new password? I ask you because this didn't happen with GNOME, so I suppose it's related to the plasma applet and not NM itself.

Thank you for your work!

Unknown said...

@Tuituzo, it is NM that asks Plasma NM's secret agent for the password, we do control control that. It also happens with nm-applet and with any other program that implement NM's secret agent.

wodim said...

But that doesn't explain why that doesn't happen with GNOME... meh.

Unknown said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Unknown said...

I do not know why nm-applet does it differently. I am following NM's specification:


secretstorage.cpp (line 161)

wodim said...

Thanks, I'll patch the KDE NM part so it doesn't ever ask for secrets.