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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

New names for libmm-qt and libnm-qt

I am in the process of moving the Qt bindings for ModemManager and NetworkManager to The next step for that is moving them to kdereview, which I asked to do last week.

The kdereview aim is allow other KDE developers to review the source code and suggest changes. One of the changes suggested is to use more descriptive names, so libmm-qt is now called QtModemManager and libnm-qt is now called QtNetworkManager. I chose those names because they follow Qt's library name convention. I have just commited the changes to QtModemManager, QtNetworkManager and networkmanagement (only master branch) repositories.

If everything does well, the next step is move QtModemManager and QtNetworkManager to extragear and from there to

To enter extragear I had to fix Krazy2 issues in QtModemManager and QtNetworkManager first. I also tested networkmanagement repository and it has lots of issues to solve, so for the time being I am fixing those issues as well.


Anonymous said...

If those are libraries, then definetely keep "lib" as prefix. After that, nice and clean name is good what tells that it is for Qt/Plasma.

Only sane way to rename software is to tell for what it belongs and that name is unique.

Konqueror, Krita or Kexi are ones what are just awesome.

Lamarque said...

Well, also following Qt's conventions they are now modules, not libraries. Of course, modules are comprised of libraries, but they do not use the lib prefix. Anyway, there will be $PREFIX/lib/libQt{Modem,Network}* and $PREFIX/include/Qt{Modem,Network}Manager when installed. The lib prefix is still used when applicable.

BajK said...

Good thing, I always found "libmm" and "libnm" hard to spot.

Anonymous said...

AFAIK, names like QtSomething are reserved for Qt's own modules like QtCore, QtGui, QtNetwork etc.

As can be seen here ( a different naming scheme is discussed even for Qt add-ons that will be part of Qt5.

So, I don't think QtNetworkManager and QtModemManager are appropriate names for those bindings. They are very misleading.

Kayra Akman

Maxim Levitsky said...

First of all, thank you so so much for your wonderful work!

I have small feature request:
I connect via VPN, but I have to enter different password every time
(I have SecureID token that generates it).

So could you make it possible not to store VPN password, but ask for it every time?

I know that there is setting to ask about all passwords, but I do want to keep my wifi password stored and not be asked about it everytime.

Besides that, your NM support really rocks.

Lamarque said...

@Maxim Levitsky, I have just checked and except for "Novel VPN" all other VPN types support the "Always Ask" option for passwords. Do you use "Novel VPN"?

The commit that added this support is from July 19, so if you are using (K)Ubuntu you should upgrade to a newer version. Even (K)Ubuntu 11.10 ships with a Plasma NM version prior from that date.

If you are using NetworkManager 0.8 than you really should upgrade becase Plasma NM is unmantained for that NM version.

Maxim Levitsky said...

Aha, got it. Thank you so much.
I (still) use (k)ubuntu 11.10, and its most likely last ubuntu release I ever used. (I was gnome user before).

Thanks you again for your wonderful contributions.

PS: I use PPTP VPN (I can use L2TP too, but that's not supported yet by NM)

Percy Camilo Triveño Aucahuasi said...

Hi Lamarque,

Big thanks for all your work (the nm-plasma-applet and these libs), I hope more apps (from KDE or not) begin to use those bindings.

Percy :)

Lamarque said...

@Percy Camilo Triveño Aucahuasi, thanks :-)