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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Bluetooth tethering video

There is some time I wanted to create this video explaining how to create bluetooth connections in Plasma NM using Bluedevil-1.2. Here it is:

Bluetooth tethering is not exactly new feature in Plasma NM, it was added almost seven months ago, yet some people still have difficult adding connections.

Unfortunately for devices that use NAP, like iPhone, there is a bug in Bluedevil that prevents Bluedevil from dectecting the NAP service from the phone. For now you can use networkmanagement_configshell to create a NAP-type bluetooth connections. Bluedeveil-1.2 works for DUN-type connections, like it is shown in the video.


BajK said...

Why did you disable full screen mode for that video?

Anonymous said...

I get Full Screen mode pressing the Youtube icon and then using full screen from there.

Lamarque said...

@BajK, full screen mode works for me when I am logged in youtube (or in my google account, I am not sure which one does the trick). If I am not logged it only works if I watch the video on youtube's site.

I did nothing to prevent the fullscreen from working.

Anonymous said... please give us non-flash-users a chance

Lamarque said...

@Anonymous, done. It is bad that the default blogspot configuration is to set up for flash only.