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Monday, October 3, 2011

Solid Sprint: day 1

Well, I must say that I like that usability study we are doing. It has already given me good ideas on how to really improve  Plasma NM GUI. I hope the users agree with the changes we are going to implement.

Today we have spent all day in the usability experiment, we already have some mock-ups (no spoil) :-) Dario and Alex have fixed a lots of bugs in the meantime. They even recorded a showcase to show you how to use one of the new Powerdevil features (more on that when they publish the video).

Tomorrow I think we are going to start coding the usability changes. Until now we have discussed the needs of our "personas" and how to fullfill them. Tomorrow we will start doing what we hackers really like: coding :-) Stay tunned.


Sam said...

Aw, no spoiler screenshots?

Lamarque said...

I will post some screenshots and videos in the following days.