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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Plasma NM: bugs closed after 4.7.1

I almost forgot to post the bugs fixed since my last post. This list covers bugs closed after 4.7.1 until the release of 0.8.80 (AKA 0.9.0_beta1):

283204: set default GSM's "password" flag to AgentOwned to prevent the password from not being saved at all and, consequently, the secrets dialog appearing at each connection attempt.
. enable autoconnect by default for WiFi connections.
. make defaultroute overlay icon really appear over the network icon in the network list.
. improve connection sorting performance.
272181: prevents wifi security icon misplacement.
. hide wifi shared connections and item if wireless is disabled.
282584: limit connection's name to 20 characters when exibiting them in connection list.

. momentously change system tray network interface to the activating interface. Turn back to the default route interface after the activating interface stops changing state. Eventually the new default route interface will be the activating interface, but if the activating fails it will likely not.
. several performance improvements in plasmoid's startup.
. use the interface with default route to update system tray's icon.
271766: fix overlay not shown when adding plasmoid.
254070: prevent two crashes due to dangling pointers when NM stops.
. fix crash in OpenConnect when trying to connect to an empty/unset host.
. rework VPN status overlay icon.
. reimplement hover events in vpnInterfaceItem to get proper highlighting of VPN connections in the UI.
249319: fix networkmanager plasmoid icons too small when in panel.
. fix resize/paint problems when Plasma NM is used on desktops instead of panels.
282282: mark some OpenConnect secrets as NotSaved, since they are changing every session.
. save/restore "Show More" button state across reboots. Also change the default state to true (or checked), which is list all networks available.
268026: show interface details instead of deactivating the connection when clicking on an active connection.
190342: enable hover effects on system tray icon.
281962, 282085: improve error message for wrong NM version.
. add wifi's band and channel info to interface details.
. fix saving secrets for system connections (they were being marked as AgentOwned).
. detect adhoc mode when creating wifi connections with networkmanagemnet_configshell.
204170: make DSL connections (PPPOE) work. Still needs improvements.
. improve NM version dectection during compilation.
. fix crash when suspending with wifi enabled and afterwards resuming with wifi disabled.

Resuming there are 3 crash fixes, 11 bug fixes and 13 improvements. The, not yet released, 0.8.81 is going to include more small improvents and more complete translations, which are already available if you compile branch nm09 yourself.

As I stated before, master branch is going to hold the new Plasma NM development version and not the code for NM-0.8. Please update your build system to point to branch nm08 if you want to compile Plasma NM for NM-0.8. Plasma NM for NM 0.8.x is also deprecated and unmaintained, so please upgrade to NM-0.9 and Plasma NM 0.8.80 as soon as possible.


Anonymous said...

I know this is not the best place to ask, but ever since I got PNM to work, I miss having a connection strength percentage in the tooltip. Can it be added?

yoda said...

Amazing! Thank's for your work Lamarque!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the updates, and the effort.