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Saturday, October 22, 2011

Plasma NM 0.8.90

New version after the first release:

Plasma NM 0.8.90

MD5Sum: 25cfce5072bf0658a2b33b76d2df80b5
SHA1Sum: 9336049eb00f5e4fe7434e710eeb0bdfc22e0984

No usability changes yet. Here is the changelog:

. fix crash in the plasmoid if kded4 crashes or restarts.
. prevent crash when stopping NetworkManager.
. fix updating the last used timestamp.
283776: Make Network Manager show signal strength in system tray also for mobile broadband connections.

. make changing connection item's font on activation state change work again.
283663: fix status tray strength indicator does not update when network manager extender is opened.
283647: use QIntValidator instead of inputmask to make the pin dialog prettier.
283720: fix GSM signal strengh position in connection list and add tooltip for it.
283583: make OpenConnect VPN plugin optional.
. fix some translatable messages.

The following languages have more than 80% of the strings translated:

ast bs ca ca@valencia cs da de el en_GB es et fr hr hu it km ko lt nb nds nl pa pl pt pt_BR ro ru sl sv tr uk zh_TW

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