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Thursday, October 27, 2011

New home for libnm-qt

Today I have finished to move libnm-qt and libmm-qt to To compile them do (in this order):

. git clone git://
. mkdir libmm-qt_build
. cd libmm-qt_build
. cmake -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX=/usr ../libmm-qt
. make && make install

. git clone git://
. mkdir libnm-qt_build
. cd ../libnm-qt_build
. cmake -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX=/usr ../libnm-qt
. make && make install

Compiling master branch is still the same:

. git clone git://
. mkdir networkmanagement_build
. cd networkmanagement_build
. cmake -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX=/usr ../networkmanagement
. make && make install

I must say this new Plasma NM + libnm-qt is working quite good, no big problems in the last days. I will start to port the usability changes to master branch early next month, for now there are other things that require my attention.


Aaron J. Seigo said...

can you describe the benefits to having three separate repositories?

now i have three times the work to do to keep up with kde networkmanagement and three times as much to explain to people starting fresh.

is there at least a kdesrc-build module configuration for this?

Lamarque said...

libnm-qt and libmm-qt are completely non-related from API point of view and in the future they are going to move to NetworkManager and ModemManager's repositories, which are also separated. I wanted to keep the logs separated and that was the only option I could find. They are not in networkmanagement reopository because of the same reason and because that would force anybody to install Plasma NM to have them installed.

There is no benefit for KDE users in having three repositories, it is just a convinience for when the libraries leave But both libraries are small and should have very few commits from now on. Once distributions start to pack it there should be very few upgrades, so this problem can be minimized.

Michal said...

I've tried to compile all that this morning and at the end of networkmanagement I obtain the following error :

/home/michal/SOFTWARE/PLASMA-NM/networkmanagement/vpnplugins/openconnect/openconnectauthworkerthread.cpp: In constructor ‘OpenconnectAuthWorkerThread::OpenconnectAuthWorkerThread(QMutex*, QWaitCondition*, bool*)’:
/home/michal/SOFTWARE/PLASMA-NM/networkmanagement/vpnplugins/openconnect/openconnectauthworkerthread.cpp:81:46: error: ‘openconnect_vpninfo_new_with_cbdata’ was not declared in this scope

Any hint ? (I'm on Debian testing/unstable).

Thanks, Michal

Lamarque said...

@Michal, that function is declared in openconnect.h. Which openconnect version do you have installed? I use 3.11 and it compiles Ok here.

Michal said...

I'm using openconnect 3.02, this explains the problem.

I've another question : my wifi configuration gets lost between sessions. I must delete it and recreate in order to get the connection otherwise it tries to connect and waits for authentication indefinitely.

Thanks again,

Lamarque said...

@Michal, the minimum required is 3.03. I will add a warning for when the minimum required is not installed. It is a warning not error because openconnect is optional.