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Sunday, June 16, 2013

Plasma NM

Plasma NM

SHA256Sum: d6a7603df2a48e14cef4c44dcaee5773d7ed3cad5b8780307b356df4639231ca

This version requires NetworkManager 0.9.8 for connection activation error notification to work properly. You can even compile it against NetworkManager 0.9.8 and run it with NetworkManager lower than 0.9.8 but the mentioned notification is not going to work properly if you do it.

This version is also bigger in size because the ModemManager backend was moved from kde-workspace's master branch to networkmanagement's nm09 branch. It will be installed as "ModemManager backend 0.5". For KDE <= 4.10.x users this means you will have to ModemManager backends installed (one from kde-workspace and another from Plasma NM). The one in Plasma NM should have higher priority by default. As long as you have not changed backend priorities using systemsettings -> Information Sources everything should work. If you have then make sure "ModemManager 0.5" has higher priority than "ModemManager 0.4".


320533: Fix connection failed notification triggered despite successful connection.
317700: Attempt to prevent crash when restarting NetworkManager.
319257: Fix updating gsm access technology and allowed mode.
320153: Add missing icons for kde-workspace >= 4.10.60 (future kde-workspace 4.11). This does not affect 4.10.x users.
. Show IPv4 gateway in interface details.
. Use UTF-8 for wifi SSIDs.

The following languages have more than 80% of strings translated:

bs ca cs da de el es et fi fr gl hu ia it kk km lt nb nds nl pl pt pt_BR ro ru sk sl sr sr@ijekavian sr@ijekavianlatin sr@latin sv tr uk zh_CN zh_TW

Also read some very usefull information about how to use and avoid problems when using Plasma NM in my past posts page.

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