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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

I’m Going to Akademy 2013

After missed Akademy last year because of my daily work I am happy to say I'm going to Akademy 2013 :-) Today I have bought my flight tickets after two days trying (problem with by credit card). Damn those tickets are expensive and that two days delay made them even more expensive :-( The dollar climbing fast against the Brazilian Real does not help either. Well, now is waiting for the bill to come next month :-/

One of the things I want to do by Akademy date is releasing libnm-qt, libmm-qt and plasma-nm (new applet for network management). Unfortunately, due to personal issues in the past months I could not work on Plasma NM as much as I used to. I am still not pushing many commits to the new Plasma NM repo (git://, just testing, searching for bugs and warning other Plasma NM developers about the problems I find (specially regressions compared to the (now) old (new as in "not released yet") applet in git://'s master branch :-/

networkmanagement repo contains three applets now. One that I release from time to time (nm09 branch), a new applet still using QGraphicsView (NM/0.9.1 branch, never released and unmaintained) and a version of that last applet made in QML (master branch, used in Plasma Active for instance). Well, the code in all those three applets are large and complex to deal with, so some developers decided to create a new applet in git:// The new applet is almost all made in QML (even the applet in networkmanagement's master branch is mostly C++). It should also be easier to maintain and its source code is way smaller compared to the old applet. But we are still working on to port/polish features in the old applet to the new one.

I am running both applets at the same time in my notebook for several weeks now, it works for debugging, but that is not exactly a supported configuration. The secret agent in the new Plasma NM repo also is more complaint to NetworkManager's specification, but also not well tested. By the way, when reporting bugs to the new applet use one of the plasma-nm-* components instead of "Network Management".

Some distributions has started creating packages for the new applet, so you can try those packages or compile it yourself (libmm-qt and libnm-qt are required). NetworkManager is also required by libnm-qt and the new applet.

See you in Bilbao :-)


camilasan said...

Te vejo em Bilbao!! :D

Lamarque Souza said...

Ei Camila :-) Será bom te rever também :-) Até mês que vem.

Anonymous said...

Just wondering, how's the new ModemManager integration work going on? I'll probably go to Akademy during the weekend days, if you want to chat about it :)

Lamarque Souza said...

One GSoC student is working on to update ModemManagerQt (libmm-qt) to work with ModemManager >= 0.7. There will probably be a Solid BoF during Akademy, I will definitely be there.