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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Workaround for vpn problem with NetworkManager

Some people have approached me about problems to activate vpn connections using Plasma NM. I have just found a workaround that enables vpnc (Cisco VPN) connections to work: just remove the /usr/libexec/nm-vpnc-auth-dialog file that comes with networkmanager-vpnc package. Yeah, that sounds strange but it works here. That seems an upstream problem, maybe that dialog is not working properly and yet blocking the dialog from Plasma NM. Do the same for the other vpn types, the workaround should work for them too.

Update: Ok, I think I have found the real problem and pushed a fix for it in Plasma NM's repo. I will release a new Plasma NM tar ball once the fix is confirmed. It is odd that the change was not required before and now it is, however the change makes sense.


Lukáš Tinkl said...

It's strange that although I have this file present, vpnc works fine for me with plasma-nm

Ravi said...

I use OpenConnect which uses vpnc in background. Works fine on openSuse 12.2

Lamarque said...

This bug is strange, it does not affect everybody. The commit I pushed makes sense because the connection properties were not being parsed by Plasma NM's secret agent. That can cause unexpected behaviour. I recall three or four other bugs (most of them crashes) that could have been caused by that.

dantti said...

This bug affects people that use Cisco VPNs with token authentication, which requires an external dialog to be shown... :) I'm glad to say Lamarque fixed it and now my friend is using KDE (and not cinnamon which was eating his CPU)

johnny_boy said...

So I had vpnc working just fine a few days ago before I updated to Kubuntu 13.10 (final) and the old network management widget was replaced with the new one. No configuration changes, no vpn suddenly.

I am prompted with a dialog box for inputting password, however. So likely a different issue?