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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Plasma NM: bugs fixed after 4.6.2

Update: I am going to work more on nm09 branch from now on. The number of people complaining about poor NM-0.9 support is increasing. Unfortunately I am also very busy on other things now so I will have to slow down on Plasma NM bugfixing.

Following my last post about bugs fixed in Plasma NM, here is the list of bugs fixed after 4.6.2 release date (April 6th) and before 4.6.3 release date (May 6th):

209673: Improve 802.1x certificate handling for WPA PEAP connections.
253362: Try to limit the auto-expanding width code used to accomodate the traffic plotter in interface details widget.
258246: dont't show hiddenWirelessNetworItem by default, show it only if showMore is checked or wireless interface details are activated.
257920: Enable setting of custom routes.
270827: Add IPv6 support.
272140: Set timestamp for system connections.
272135: Hover all connections associated to a network interface instead of just the first one found.
272138: Fix problems when changing connection's scope from user to system and vice-versa. Be warned that changing connection's scope is not well tested yet.
272174: Disables connection's hover state when entering interface details tab.
209624: Add Bluetooth Network Access Point (NAP) tethering support for Gsm phones. Thanks Rajeesh K. Nambiar for implementing the patch and testing it with his iPhone 3GS.
264083: Try to unlock (PIN/PUK) and enable modem before connecting to Gsm connections. Also PIN is now one-time only.
194899: Add button in wireless connection editor to copy the current access point's MAC address to BSSID field.
268021: Add notifications for VPN connections.
. Uses KAuth (KDE's Policy Kit wrapper) to authorize users to create/delete/modify system connections.
. Load networkmanagement kded's module on plasmoid startup to make sure it is loaded.
271768: Show notification to warn user if he/she tries to connect when networking or wireless is disabled.
271767: Automatically show other connections in main window if there is no preferred network available.
271765: Add button to configure notifications directly from networkmanager settings.
259351: Avoid dangling pointer when setting signal strength for an access point C++ object that has just been destroyed
253584: Avoid dangling pointer when deleting RemoteInterfaceConnection.
203584. Bluetooth tethering support for Dial-up Network (DUN), tested with my phone (Samsung i8910). CDMA will take more time since I do not have a compatible cell phone to do tests.
. Show essid and MAC address of the active accesspoint in wireless interface details.
249016: Enable additional addresses even on DHCP.
271353: Try harder not to resize the "show more" button. Also all connection widgets do not change its height when toggling "show more" button.
. Fix crash when stopping NetworkManager-0.8.2.
. Various fixes for adhoc support.
204340: Add systemwide connection support for NM 0.8. Many thanks to Gökçen Eraslan and Andrey Borzenkov for working in this patch. There are still some glitches to fix but it mostly works. One problem I noticed happens if NetworkManager is using the ifnet plugin, then one system connection is changed to user connection and back to system connection. The final connection will not be listed until NetworkManager is restarted. This problem does not happen with the keyfile plugin.
270901: Do not show notification for appearing/disappearing access points if already connected to one.
. Monolithic knetworkmanager is unmaintained. Its code is not compiled by default. Please use the plasmoid instead.
. Fix autoconnect sometimes being disabled without user request when connection is explicitly disconnected by the user.
. Fix autoconnect setting not saved after editing connection settings.

We also have a proposal patch for adding IPv6 support to Plasma NM, which would close bug 270827. Well, not everybody have a real IPv6 network (no IPv4 tunneling, IPv6 DHCP server) available to test this patch, so if anybody with such network could test it the patch's author (Ilia Kats) and me would appreciate. Update: patch commited, now we need more real world testing.

Update: last week I confirmed Ilia Kats' KDE developer account and now he is a Plasma NM developer, congratulations :-)  That is the least I could do after all the important work he is doing for Plasma NM, such as the ad-hoc fix and IPv6 support among others.


Alex said...

I'm extremely happy to see NetworkManagement going on and getting new contributors, NM is not an issue anymore!

Thanks for your work guys!

Alejandro Nova said...

With Fedora 15 (NM 0.9), the NetworkManager plasmoid fails to properly fail ;).

It connects and works great, but everytime it connects successfully, it pops a message telling me "Networking system disabled". Connection works like a charm, Fedora is running great, but I have those bogus error messages. Can you remove them, or better yet, display some positive messages like "You are online"?

Lamarque said...

@Alex, thanks.

@Alejandro Nova, that specific notification is being emited by Solid::Control::NetworkManager::notifier(), which is not updated to work with NM-0.9. I am not doing tests with NM-0.9 yet. You can disable that notification in kcm module until I fix it.

Anonymous said...

Can the new plasma nm connect to VPNs flawlessly now, a la nm-applet?

I connect to my workplace VPN frequently and have had to switch to nm-applet because I plasma nm just can't do it.

I am running 4.7 SVN build from opensuse repositories, btw.


Lamarque said...

I only have access to Cisco VPN (VPNC type in Plasma NM's configuration dialog) and it works for me.

Plasma NM is not part of KDE SC (yet).

Anonymous said...

Hi, the trouble I am having is that it does not save settings for the VPN connection such as authentication methods, security and compression etc.

Also, it does not prompt me for the password, which i cannot hard-code as it is made up of a PIN+6 digits generated from a one-time passcode token.

Lamarque said...

@Anonymous, could you add a entry in writing down the vpn type you use (PPTP, StrongSwan, VPNC, OpenVPN, VPN (Novel)) and other relevant configuration you use?

Anonymous said...

networkmanagement really seems to take off. Nice work and thanks!

Peter said...

Thanks for your great work!