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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Plasma NM: bugs fixed

Since Plasma NM does not follow KDE SC release schedule I thought posting a list of bugs fixed should be a good idea. Some users do not know we do not follows KDE SC release schedule, some distribution packagers also seem to not know which important bugs have been fixed this year.

Fixes commited between 4.6.1 and 4.6.2 release dates (March 4th - April 6th):

212941214985: Ah-hoc wireless and connection sharing are working now. Many thanks to Ilia Kats for this patch.
. Now it is possible to click on the AP name (essid) in the main window and Plasma NM will launch the configuration dialog with the essential settings (connection name, essid, encryption type) already filled in and ask for encryption key. After that the user just need to click on the Ok button to complete the configuration.
269853: Opens Mobile Connection Wizard to create a 3G connection when modem is inserted and no 3G connection has been created yet.
208219: Add PEAP-GTC wireless authentication.
257777: do not save secrets if user asked for it.
241798: vpnc: fix storing/loading of secrets type
268484: Do not send "low signal" notification if connection is not activated.
262555: fix missing secrets for VPN plugins without explicit  storage type.
243792: fix connecting to WiFi when "In file (unencrypted)" secrets storage is used.
267952: Enable Del key to remove connection.
267967: Sanitize the Networking, Wireless and Wwan checkbox handling.
. Fix changing VPN password type not being recognised until user logout/login.

Fixes commited between 4.6.0 and 4.6.1 release dates (January 26th - March 4th):

267556: Hide the "Enable Wireless" checkbox if there is no wireless interface available.
248348: Fix potential crash.
263286: Enable notifications.
253584: Prevent potential crash.
266807: Comment some code that unnecessarily triggers polkit authentication agent.
264607: Fix crash in Mobile Connection Wizard.
238046: Fix knetworkmanager doesn´t recognize BSSID.
266097: Fix potential crash.
210878: Another try to solve the dangling pointers problem.
. Add support to Wwan (AKA Mobile Broadband) on/off switch.
. Make most of the wifi info work.
. Fix memory leak.
. Insert the right catalogs to translate UI.
. Support to show details for interface usb0.

Fixes commited in 2011 and before 4.6.0 release date:

255855261738256031: Fix crashes in Mobile Connection Wizard.
255508: Restrict the connection name label in the networkmanagement. Also corrected two typos.
. Default configuration module (kcm) to wireless tab.
. Fix crasher when an interface that's gone unavailable is disconnected.
. Changes to make cmake warns about mobile-broadband-provider-info package presence/omission.

Some important fixes commited last year:

210878: Plasma NM (and Knetworkmanager) crashes when restarting NetworkManager. Note: Not all crash cases have been fixed yet.
244416: New files for VPNC auth UI, VPNC authentication UI allowing one time secrets.
150680: Support password protected keys in OpenVPN.
. Mobile Connection Wizard to create Gsm/Cdma connections commited.

You can get a more detailed list here or cloning the repository and using git log.


tuxo said...

Thanks a lot for your hard work! The current NM bugs alone are responsible for keeping quite a few people away from using KDE in my workplace.

Anonymous said...

You mentioned not following the KDE SC release schedule, but it's really hard that you guys don't do ANY releases at all. Asking people to maintain their own snapshots is kind of annoying :(

Anyway, thanks for the report, it's so nice to hear about progress.

Pad said...

Could you please fix this bug? It's very old and crucial:

Lamarque said...

We do not make releases because there are still important missing features.

@Pad, I do not have WPA enterprise environment to do tests, so I cannot help with it.

Anonymous said...

Absolutely wonderful that you are working on this important piece of KDE infrastructure!
It is an important piece of the puzzle that almost is in place.

Question: do you think it will be possible to login to a network with a hidden SSID? Currently not possible...


Lamarque said...

Problem connecting to hidden SSID is the second most rated Plasma NM but, it is the next target after we implement NetworkManager-0.9 support.

There are some workarounds to make it work in Plasma NM though, such as adding ap_scan=2 in /etc/wpa_supplicant/wpa_supplicant.conf, but some people does not advise using it. You can also run this command as root before connecting:

iwlist wlan0 scan essid

Anonymous said...

So when is Plasma-NM getting any type of ipv6 support? The Gnome-NM has had basic ipv6 setting selection for quite some time but I have not seen any ipv6 activity for plasma-nm.

Being able to disable ipv6 slaac, set dhcpv6, or even setting a static ipv6 address would be welcome at this point.

And please don't say that you can't test ipv6. Go get an ipv6 tunnel and start testing.

toddrme2178 said...

"We do not make releases because there are still important missing features."

Couldn't you at least do beta or even alpha releases? That was the approach bluedevil used and it seemed to work well. Even if features are missing, knowing when it is stable enough to use is helpful. Especially if there is no KDE alternative that has these missing features, it seems that missing features would not preclude at least some sort of pre-release versions.

Lamarque said...

@Killsudo, I am trying to solve the most hated Plasma bugs first. IPV6 support is not one of them, so I am afraid it will take time until I try to solve this problem myself. You could try implementing it if you have programming skills, I can help in whatever a I can.

@toddrme2178, I do not see the current approach changing in the time being.

Shantanu Tushar said...

You know what? You *ROCK* :) Keep up the good work.
- from the "Cable Unplugged" guy

Anonymous said...

Thanks for all of your work. The NM in KDE has annoyed me for years, and it looks like you're really working through the bugs at a rapid pace.

Lamarque said...

@Shantanu Tushar and Anonymous, thanks for the support.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your work. The first time I was able to successfully use kde-nm-support for a few weeks (instead of nm-applet) :-)

...until I installed gnome-3 which required nm-0.9, which broke all again ;-)

Anonymous said...

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