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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Latinoware: first day

This is my second apperance in Latinoware and the first as a lecturer. Last year I spent most of the time at the KDE both, today I also spent a lot of time at the booth talking to visitors and fixing some problems in Camila's netbook (date/time configuration and wifi driver not working), but tomorrow I am going to visity Paraguay. For those who do not knows Paraguay is one of the three countries in this region, Argentina and Brazil are the other two, the countries are splitted only by two rivers. Ciudad del Leste in Paraguay is famous among Brazilians for its electronic shops :-)

Ok, let's stop talking about Paraguay. This first day we had all KDE lectures, tomorrow we are going to have Sandro's mini-course (Desktop and Mobile Developing with Qt 4.7) and in the (almost) last event of the last day my mini-course about programming with DBus (next Friday).

As usual we have all three event's offical languages

I took most of today's photos using Camila's camera, so I do not have the event's photos with me right now.

After some delay the event started with Tomaz Canabrava's lecture, "Programming with Efficiency: Two Games in 40 minutes". In the afternoon we had Adriano's ("Developing Rich Interface Qt Applications for Mobile") and Camila's lectures ("KDE Needs You: Paths to Start Contributing"). Ronny Yabar from Peru could not present his lecture "3D Developing with Qt and KDE" as far as I know because he became sick and was not able to take his flight to come here. Jos Poortvliet is going to present his lecture ("Why are you at Latinoware") tomorrow.

As the last event for this first day we had a confraternization with live music played by a local band.

More news tomorrow :-)

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