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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Plasma NM: Mobile Connection Wizard commited

Last night I commited the Mobile Connection Wizard patch, now Plasma NM can configure 3G connections (GSM and CDMA) easily. You can test the changes by checking out trunk Plasma NM (revision r1182930 at least) or waiting until distributions create unstable packages with the changes. In Gentoo you can try it out using knetworkmanager-9999 ebuild in kde overlay:
layman -a kde # or -s kde if you already added it
# edit /etc/make.conf to add layman's configuration
echo "kde-misc/knetworkmanager **" >> /etc/portage/package.keywords
emerge -v =knetworkmanager-9999
With other distributions you need to checkout trunk Plasma NM or wait for the compiled package to appears in the repositories for unstable packages:

svn checkout svn+ssh://

I tried to fix as most bugs as possible during Solid Sprint, there are still some minor things I want to change in the code, but I think it is ready for production. So have fun with it. Bugs can be reported through I tested the code using KDE SC 4.5.1 and is very likely that it also works with 4.4.x. The only dependency I added is Qt-xml for parsing the mobile-broadband-provider-info file. The screenshots are the same as in the last post I wrote about it.


teg said...

Hi Lamarque,
This is great news! Will this work on top of KDE SC 4.5.2, or does it depend on libs from 4.6?

Lamarque said...

The only dependency in the code is for Qt-xml, I tested it with KDE SC 4.5.1 but it probably works with any SC version, even 4.4.x. I included this information in my post, thanks for pointing it out.

sva_h4cky0 said...

Hy Lamarque,

Thanks for your work.
Compiled fine on KDE SC 4.5.2 QT 4.7.0


Anonymous said...


Lamarque said...

I have added a link to my last post where the screenshots are. Visually very few things have changed since then.

Anonymous said...

Links rule here!
You speak about a revision in some svn repository but you blindly assume that everyone knows where it is :-( Pretty common among KDE developers, I might add :-(

Lamarque said...

Ok, I have added the link to checkout Plasma NM.

Alexxy said...

Thats good news =)

PS i updated knetworkmanager ebuild in kde overlay

PPS will support for sending/recieving sms and calls added to knetworkmanager?
I have Gobi2000 card on my laptop so i can hel in testing

arshad said...

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Lamarque said...

@Alexxy, we depend on ModemManager to send/receive SMS and it seems although MM specification talks about SMS it does not support send/receiving SMS yet. Until MM does that I cannot anything about it.

Alexxy said...

Btw can you add
'Enable WWAN'
checkbox to knetworkmanager? to enable/disable wwan card via rfkill

Lamarque said...

NetworkManager handles rfkill states (0.8 is better than 0.7 in this regard), there is no need for us to deal with it directly. Anyway, rfkill requires root access, which Plasma NM does not have.

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