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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Symbian Modding

This week I changed my i8910's firmware from HX to n2o4. n2o4 has very fast kastor effects so I like it at first, but I do not like some other things: the theme is too "yellow" to my taste and I like the icon's white border in the original Nero II theme, which I use with HX. The problem is that I also like to listen to radio but Nero II (and all other Morkino's theme I have used so far) has a problem that radio frequency does not appear. Yesterday I tried to solve this problem and finally I got success :-). What I did is:

  1. Install siscontents160b
  2. Open Nero_II_HD_.sis
  3. Click on the icon "Contents"
  4. Select the file "themepackage.skn" in the contents
  5. Click on View details
  6. Then on "Colours" tab
  7. Then on "Add colour groups" and select "Samsung Text Colours". You can keep the default colours or change it for your taste
  8. Click on "Close"
  9. Click on "File" menu entry, then "Save as..."
  10. Install the fixed theme :-)

I have also changed the homescreen toolbar icons to fit Nero II using these steps. This is the result:

Pra quem estiver interessado fiz upload do arquivo "Message 1.aac" que uso como tom para chegada de mensagens.

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