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Saturday, September 4, 2010

Bug Corrections

This week I decided to search for some bugs to solve in I searched for bugs related to Plasma NM, Kopete and Bluedevil, three programs that I use a lot. One day I will stop by to try to solve some bugs in Amarok (specially 188360 and 234833). I am not familiar with Amarok's source code, some months ago I even tried to solve one bug there but it did not work out.

In Plasma NM I tried to solve these bugs:
  1. 214297: multiple interfaces of same type not distinguishable in UI (commited)
  2. 249702: Network Manager Applet crash after reconnect to 3G (not solved yet, waiting for reporter's feedback)
  3. 233469: knetworkmanager confused by /etc/init.d/network restart (I have been trying to solve this one for months but still no go)
In Kopete I tried this one:
  1. 222689: Tool tip systray of kopete icon missing (patch ready, if nobody asks to change something else I am going to commit it tomorrow)
In Bluedevil I fixed this crash:
  1. 246638: kded crashes in latest trunk (I do not have write access to Bluedevil's git repository, so I am waiting for the developers to commit my patch)
I also asked the sysadmin team to solve two bugs I found in reviewboard site: Bug 250050 - Wrong email for the kde-networkmanager mailing list and problem uploading images. The bugs were solved in few hours, I like when things are solved quickly :-)

I am monitoring some other bugs, but I have not had the time to investigate them. Three bugs solved this week, that is ok for me :-D


Troy Unrau said...

Dude, this was an amazing post! Sometimes on the planet we go way off an tangents about these great brilliant ideas, and forget that most of the work at KDE is exactly along the lines of what you just described perfectly.

Thanks for working so hard and thanks for talking about it :)

Lamarque said...

Thanks Troy :-) I like to solve problems, specially the smal ones because they can change a good application into a great application.