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Thursday, January 1, 2015

Retiring Plasma NN 0.9.0.x

I am in the process of retiring Plasma NM 0.9.0.x (aka old Plasma NM applet). The new applet (Plasma NM >= 0.9.8.x) is already shipped with all major distributions. I may release Plasma NM with some few bugfixes if someone is interested in that. However after there will be no further releases for the old applet. It will enter in unmaintained state and I will ask sysadmin to remove/disable NetworkManagement product from There is already product plasma-nm to report bugs in the new applet.


mrueg said...

A last release would be great.
See also:

Anonymous said...

@mrueg: Wouldn't it be better to have this fixed in the new plasma-nm?

According to the link, Zoltan Puskas said: "Im also aware that plasma-nm is favoured over this package, however plasma-nm miserably fails to handle openconnect VPN connections with signed certificates and post login passwords."

mrueg said...

Well the fix is already in the 0.9.0.x branch, so either nm-0.9.0.x gets a final release or we have to patch our package.