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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Plasma NM: very important (old) news

Hi guys. Just to keep it clear: since the release of the new Plasma NM applet (version 0.9.3) the networkmanagement repository is mostly deprecated. Only NM/0.9 branch has any use (for now). That branch holds the old stable Plasma NM 0.9.0.x version. The one that I release from time to time since October 2011.

Unless you have a patch to fix one of bugs in the old Plasma NM 0.9.0.x you should use plasma-nm repository instead of networkmanagement. There is even a frameworks branch in plasma-nm, so it already works with frameworks5, which networkmanagement does not.

1 comment:

STiAT said...

Plus the plasma-nm looks way better :p.