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Saturday, May 25, 2013

Chameleon v3.0.2 for Samsung Galaxy S2

Last month I decided to install a new firmware in my Samsung Galaxy S2. There is some time that I am watching the comments about Chameleon. What interested most about it is the fact that it preserve the fm radio receiver app from Samsung. In despite of what most people think I really like to read fm radio  when I am travelling and and online radio is very costly when I outside my country (Brazil) and 3G connection takes much more battery juice than in the air fm radio.

Reasons apart I installed Chameleon and I kind of miss or dislike some things compared the original Samsung firmware:

  • the ring and alarm tones that comes with Chameleon are not for my test. That is not nothing that Zedge could not fix.
  • the alarm app requires more taps to configure.
  • the message app uses white background. I like dark themes for oled screen devices (helps to save power).
  • I also does not like the Google seach/voice incorporated into the homescreens so I installed Nova launcher instead since there is not way to disable that.
  • Thanks for jazzk to add a option in Chameleon 3.0.2 to disable the crtoff effect. I really does not like it.
  • I rather prefer the swype keyboard than the default Google's one. The Google one is not as accurate as swype and show less keys.
  • it does not come with a note app by default. ColorNote Notepad Notes is a good one that I installed.
  • for some reason I think my secreen's minimum brightness is now greater than Samsung's original firmware, that means the battery lasts less then it used to be. I have not measured that to confirm.
Now the things I like in the firmware:

  • Fm radio support :-D .
  • it is smooth and fast.
  • I like the darker theme and icons compared to the original Samsung firmware.
  • I like romcontrol feature to change and reorder launchers in notification area (it could have more options like powertoggles has though).
  • the Samsung camera app is present in this rom. I am used to it so it is good that I do not need to learn how to use a different one.
Overall I think this is a great firmware and worth trying, specially if you want to get rid of the bloatware that comes with Samsung's firmware.

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