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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Galaxy S2: Jelly Bean 4.1.2 XWLS8

Last weekend I updated my phone's firmware to Jelly Bean XWLS8 following the instructions in xda forum. It is better than the original 4.0.3 firmware because

  • there are more toggles in notification panel, the data connection one is what I like most;
  • you can also adjust brightness in notification area;
  • the graphical effects looks better;
  • you can see the notification panel from the screenlock (well, maybe not everybody likes this one);
  • you can alphabetically sort apps in grid view.
What I do not like:

  • I can no longer adjust brightness by holding the notification panel and moving left and right;
  • I can no longer disable some bloatware using native apps manager;
  • the battery time is still bad compared to my old Samsung i8910 :-(
  • When setting wallpapers Jelly Bean only use the center part of the .png/.jpg image. If your wallpaper is larger in the vertical axe (like mine) Jelly Bean will crop the upper and lower parts :-/
Yesterday I had one problem with phone rebooting after I had left it turned off charging all night. It worked for one minute, then freezed and rebooted a couple of minutes later. It did not tree times until I hooked up the USB cable to try to run logcat and see what was happening. By my suprise it stopped reboot and I could use the phone normally. I looked in the logcat I saw that Youtube app was crashing with the message

E/AndroidRuntime( 7635): java.lang.RuntimeException: Unable to create application java.lang.RuntimeException: Could not bind to Intent { }

The Youtube app was already showing a dialog before I turned the phone off, I tried to make it work with no avail. I also searched on the Internet if anybody had the some problem and have not found any explanation for that. After some minutes tring to make Youtube work I gave up and went to do something else. Some minutes later I tried Youtube again and guess what? It worked :-) and is still working. I really do not know what happened.


AAREN said...
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Steve said...

I have the same problem now....
How can i fix this?

Steve said...

ok i have fixed it by myself

i have deinstall this system app via Titanium Backup. Reboot. Now reinstall via Google Play as a non system app. Now the function is error free.