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Monday, September 10, 2012

Plasma NM

Plasma NM

SHA256Sum: aa7a467f1f2a0e1ad22486381284bfb1350d644d5fcf61f8449c475dbec963eb


307496: Allow empty string in 'Subject Match' and 'Alternative Subject Matches' fields in wifi WPA2 enterprise dialog.
306132: Add storage type combo box for gsm password in GsmWidget.
307517: Fix crash when importing OpenVPN configuration file.
. Enable additional DNS details for IPv4 and IPv6 Automatic Method configuration.
. Added a title and icon to the dialog so that it's clear when it pops up to the user what the prompt is from.
. Fix a bug in which the wireless password prompt dialog would be shown at an incorrect size
. Fix insertion of new connections (such as VPN) in wrong position when no wireless interface is enabled.
303524: fix crash if opening kwallet fails. This fix the crash not the kwallet failing to open.
. Fix problem with system tray icon not showing status overlay.
298974: if a connection is restricted to one interface do not show it for other interfaces in interface details.
305077: Escape ampersands in connection list since Plasma::IconWidget::setText() automatically removes accelerators (ampersands).
. Do not display connections for unmanaged interfaces.
. Do not list unmanaged interfaces in system tray's tooltip.
304873: Read/Save EAP configuration in PPP tab for mobile broadband and bluetooth connections.

The following languages have more than 80% of strings translated:

ca cs da de el es et fi hu it kk km lt nb nds nl pl pt pt_BR ru sk sr sr@ijekavian sr@ijekavianlatin sr@latin sv uk zh_TW

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Dave said...

"Fix a crash if opening KWallet fails"

Oh! I know that feeling all to well. The KWallet API is somewhat horrendous.

KTp has been plagued with bugs relating to that.

Congrats :)

Unknown said...

Well, this particular problem is not due to the API. If the openWallet() call returns null it means the wallet was not been opened or does not exist, that is said in the KWallet documentation. Plasma NM just did not check for the return value since it is uncommon to use a KDE session without kwallet.

deabru said...

A big thanks :)