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Sunday, July 22, 2012

Plasma NM: details editor

One more feature implemented in Plasma NM (and one more bug closed). I have added the button "Configure Details to Show..." to the kcm in master branch:

which launches the editor:

Well, I think what the editor does is almost self-explanatory. After editing what details to show they will appear in the interfade details window. The default details are the same ones currently used in master and nm09 branches. If you do not use the editor you will not notice any difference in the interface details window (actually there are some small changes in the labels).

Now that the editor is in place I can implement more details. For instance, the details in the "Available" list above work already and are new to Plasma NM. If you used to miss any of them you can enable them now :-) You can even change the order at they will appear on the interface details window too.

OBS: NetworkManager does not report the IPv4 gateway when the connection uses static IP address. I tested it with NM and using qdbus, so it is not a problem in Plasma NM.


Bruno Friedmann (tigerfoot) said...

Please don't forget to add IPv6 related stuff.
Address (fix and temp, gateway etc.)

Lamarque said...

That already is in my plans. Unfortunately, my wifi router does not support IPv6.