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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Solid Sprint: day -2

Ok, ok, the sprint has not started yet. I am still here at home packing my stuff, checking the last details for the trip and writing the post :-D. That will be long trip until Madrid. Just to get to the airport it will take me three hours and two buses, more ~10 hours flying to Lisbon, about one and a half hour more to reach Madrid and one more hour to get to the hotel in Madrid by underground/subway. If I add the time I am going to sit waiting for buses, flights and underground it will be almost 21 hours of traveling. Last year it took me more than that because I had to wait five hours in São Paulo's airport in Brasil before flying to Madrid, now I am going to wait two hours in Lisbon.

If you follow my commits you have noticed they have been more intense in the last week. I wanted to push some fixes now and concentrate on the usability changes during the sprint. Am I exaggerating? No, there are plenty of problems to solve and things to implement in Plasma NM and also in other parts of KDE's network management too, so there will still be much to do after the sprint. Network management is not easy to work on, when you try to fix something sometimes you find another bug in the way, you try to fix that one, and another one appears. That was what happened to me and why I did so many commits in the last week :-) There is still one fix left that I wanted to do before the trip but will have to wait until I come back from the sprint. Or maybe I can fix it during all those waiting hours until Madrid.

Today I have also fixed one problem in kded's networkstatus module: it does not work if you start a KDE session with NM stopped. It also stops working if you restarts NM because it did not watch for NM DBus service appearing and disappearing, now it does :-) It seems there is another problem in networkstatus module, more precisely in ntrack support. Since I have never used ntrack and, of course, do not have it installed, I could not test if my diagnostic is really correct.

Well, the week is still starting and serveral things have happened already. It looks like a great week ahead :-D


Kai Uwe said...

Will the Solid sprint also deal with the - promising looking - mockups/redesign for the Monitor configuration kcm I saw in the Project Wiki?

Lamarque said...

@Kai Uwe, yes. The monitor configuration changes are Alex Fiestas' call.

Shantanu said...

Hi, I want to file a bug about Plasma NM. On how should I find which version am I using? (0.7/0.8/0.9). I am using NM libs from ubuntu 11.04 repos and running KDE (including plasma NM) from git.

Lamarque said...

@Shantanu, you just need to inform which NetworkManager you use and I know which branch you use. For branch nm09 you can see the version in Manage Connections -> Other. It is something like nm09-20110928.