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Sunday, June 13, 2010

Full support to Modem Manager 0.4 in Solid

I have finally finished to implement Modem Manager 0.4 specification in solid. I still need to add more comment in the source code and implement more caching to prevent stress in the DBus bus. Now I need help to test the implementation because my Sony MD300 modem supports less than 1/3 of the specification. Nothing from interfaces Location, Cdma, Gsm.Contacts, Gsm.SMS, Gsm.Hso and Gsm.Ussd work with my modem, but I have implemented them anyway. I am going to commit the patch after trunk is opened for new implementations, which AFAIK is after the first KDE SC 4.5.0 rc release next week.

For those who likes statistics, the patch adds 128 new files, changes other 23 files in trunk, is 400 KB in size and took me eight weeks to reach this stage.


Anonymous said...

Opa, vou postar em português mesmo, eu gostaria de ajudar a testar sim, meu modem é um huawei e minha operadora é claro, estou usando kubuntu 10.04 com o kde 4.5 beta2, mas pra testar preciso de ajuda pra compilar o aplet do tronco.


P J said...

You'd think that 400kB is a small amount of data but imagine how many people will be happy thanks to Your 400kB. Thanks!!

jospoortvliet said...

400.000 characters, that's a lot of work man, respect ;-)

And I really look forward to be able to use this as I have the devices for which it's relevant :D

Anonymous said...


I think that many many people will thank you everytime they will use your work.

Lamarque said...

@Emerson, além do svn plasma nm você precisa da versão git do NetworkManager e ModemManager para usar boa parte das funcionalidades que implementei. Eu uso Gentoo, não estou acostumado a mexer com .deb, não sei qual seria a melhor maneira de você instalar as versões de desenvolvimento desses pacotes (plasma nm, MM e NM). O patch do solid funciona com o KDE SC 4.4.4, que é o que eu usei para testar aqui.

In English: besides plasma nm svn version you need git version of NM and MM to use most of the features I have implemented. I use Gentoo here and I am not used to .deb packages. I do not know what the best way to install development version of those packages (plasma nm, MM and NM) is. The solid patch works with KDE SC 4.4.x, which is the version I use to do tests here.

Thank you all for the support. After commiting the patches (for solid and Plasma NM) to trunk it will be easier for everbody to install and test them.

Beto said...

Parabéns pelo belo projeto!
Vai haver uma página web?

Anonymous said...

Impressive work guy! You rocks!

Anonymous said...


what about the option icon 515m (sold by orange)? is it possible to use it in kde 4.5 thanks to your work? that would be awesome.

at the moment i have to hsoconnect to use it.

Lamarque said...

@Beto, não há necessidade de uma página web porque vou mandar as alterações para o trunk do KDE e elas vão entrar no KDE SC 4.6.0.

In English: there is no need for a web page because I am going to commit the patch to trunk, then they will be available in KDE SC 4.6.0

@Anonymous, thanks.

@Anonymous, I do not know, I have only tested in Sony Ericsson MD300, that is why I need people testing the patch.