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Monday, May 17, 2010

Solid and ModemManager (update)

This weekend I added some more info in the Mobile Broadband tab in knm:

The * indicates the current configuration and the line below it shows the actual access technology used. As you can see my operator has no 3G network here where I live. Other two operators have 3G here, I used to use of them but since they limit my speed to 128 kbps after 1 GB of data I switched to my current operator, which also limits me after 1 GB, but in 200 kbps and the bill is about $14 cheaper. "Unlimited" plans are very common here in Brazil, so I can download everything I want at 200 kbps maximum for about $33.50 (expensive but I do not have better alternatives). Usually the speed is around 100 kbps, it only reaches 230-240 kbps (modem maximum in 2G mode) after midnight (vampiristic 2G I may say hehe). The other configurations are:

I have also updated the patches and documentation in both and

Before someone from usability team criticises the screenshot above, I only did that to test my changes in solid. Knm already has some code that allowed me to add my test code so I did it. That screen will get much more ugly until I finish my changes in solid, after that I plan to move some things (like the preference technology combo box above) to a better place.

As some people asked me, my changes to solid can be used in networkmanagement plasma applet too or any oher KDE program. I hope to finish my patch to solid by Akademy date since I am going to Akademy this year.


Zayed said...

Great. Do you plan to support USSD queries ?

Anonymous said...

Do you plan to support change DNS servers default?

Lamarque said...

@Zayed, I am going to implement the API in solid, but my MD300 modem does not support USSD, so I cannot test it. For that same reason it will be last thinkg I am going to implement.

@NL, as far as I know knm already supports that. Go to "Manage Connections" and pick one in one of the tabs -> Edit -> IP Address -> Automatic (DHCP) addresses only or Manual. Then you can edit the DNS server addresses.

Zayed said...

@Lamarque, thank you at least it in you to-do list :)

TZ said...
>SVN switched from KNM to the Plasma Widget … It also means that the autostart file for knetworkmanager is not installed anymore, since we’re using the Plasmoid now. If you’re compiling from SVN trunk, you can use cmake -DINSTALL_KNM_AUTOSTART=ON to get it back. … Alternatively, tell us why you prefer knm above the Plasmoid and we’ll try to fix it.

Lamarque said...

@TZ, yeah, I have heard of knm deprecation several weeks ago. Yesterday I talked to Sebas and finally got my plasma applet working (qdbus org.kde.kded /kded loadModule networkmanagement did the trick). Now I am going to implement my ModemManager changes into plasma applet and I will not use knm anymore. I am also trying to fix some bugs in plasma applet already, last night I fixed one of them: the resize in interface detail window was not working, now it is :-)