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Saturday, July 5, 2014

NetworkManagerQt is out

After a long time here are some news on what is going on with NMQt:

. NMQt is going to be part of Frameworks 5 so this may be the last release on its own.

. We are still working on making NMQt ready for KF5, so it may not appear in the next version of KF5 just yet.

. Plasma NM is going to be part of kde-workspace and as you may know NMQt is a dependency for Plasma NM. Plasma 5 release is approaching and since we may not get NMQt ready for KF5 in time we decided to ship a snapshort of NMQt with kde-workspace so that Plasma NM compiles. In the future we will remove the snapshot and rely on the NMQt in KF5.

Bugs fixed in NMQt

. Avoid crashes when NetworkManager is restarted.
. Respect external CMAKE_CXX_FLAGS values.
331771: Add a workaround to always get updated IPv[46]Config.
. Properly update and notify about changed reference accesspoint.
. Bump required version of NetworkManager to
. Emit signal after available connection is removed instead of before.
. Bump soversion to indicate different binary application interface (ABI) than the previous releases ( to be precise).

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